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Health Service Skills


One Year - Full time



Entry Requirements

We welcome mature students with experience in the Health Care environment and School Leavers with Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied

Work Placement

A work placement is an integral part of the course and contributes to student's learning and professional development. It provides the students with first-hand knowledge of the world of health care.

This mandatory component enables learner to develop work skills, evaluate employment opportunities and cope with changing wor encironment therefore greatly improves their chances of obtaining employment when they complete their course. It is vital that the students obtain a place in a hospital environment, nursing home, reidential care setting as the this opportunity offers a wider and broader exposure to working alongside a multi-disciplinary team.

Work Experience is a one day a week placement and the more hours one works the greater the opportunities to join agencies that provide employment in this vocational area.

Course Aims

The Health Service Skills course is designed to enable the learner to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and an overall competence to work under supervision in providing support in a variety of Healthcare settings as a Health Care Assistant or to progress to further and or higher education and training.

Course Content Overview (or Year One)

Care Support Care Skills
Safety and Health at Work Occupational First Aid
Care of the Older Person Communications
Work Experience Infection Prevention and Control
Culinary Skills


Future Prospects

Students who successfully complete this course can avail of many employment opportunities as Health Care Assistants in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices and as personal health care workers.  Students can also progress to the Level 6 Health Services Supervisory Managment course at Marino College.  Mature students can apply to degree programmes in Nursing at Irish and UK Universities.