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History of Marino College

City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee

Marino Vocational School



Day School:


1936    Marino Vocational School was opened in September 1936, to cater for the needs of the people living in the first Corporation Housing Scheme erected in Dublin, under self-government. The building contract was £20,900.00 (€63,703.20) was awarded to J. Brennan and Son.


Mr. Martin Gleeson was appointed Principal, and the day school was designed to accommodate 240 students, both girls and boys. His salary was £3.00 (€9.14) per week.


Home Economics teacher Josie McAvin wins an Oscar for set design in the Film Out Of Africa.


1939    Mr. Gleeson was seconded as Director to Comhairle le Leas Oige, and the late Mr. Seán Óg O’Ceallaigh, a member of the school staff, replaced him.


            During the next few years, Mr. O’Ceallaigh became the first Vice-Principal and then Principal of the School of Commerce, Rathmines.


            Miss Pauline Beirne acted as Principal until the appointment of Mr. Hugh Healy.


            On Mr. Healy’s transfer as Staff Officer to Head Office, Miss Maureen McGovern became the Acting Principal.

1944    Mr. Gleeson is appointed CEO of CDVEC.


1948    Ms. Pauline Beirne is appointed Principal of the College of Marketing and Design.


1950    Mr. Denis Mallin became Principal.


1953    On the death of Mr. Mallin, a member of the school staff, Mr. William Purcell, was appointed Principal.


            During these early years in Marino Vocational School, the day students were prepared for the Day Junior Technical and Group Certificate Examinations.  The two year curriculum included the following subjects, with special emphasis on the courses marked with *.


Girls                                                                             Boys:

Art                                                                               Art

English                                                                         English

Irish                                                                             Irish    

Mathematics                                                               Mathematics

*Home Economics                                                      *Woodwork

*Shorthand                                                                  *Metalwork

*Typewriting                                                               *Mechanical Drawing

*Commerce                                                                *Science

Choral Singing                                                             Physical Education

Physical Education                                                      Religion



1956    Due to the expansion of housing in the area, the Vocational Education Committee decided to provide an additional school at Killester, which would cater entirely for boys.  Mr. William Purcell and the male staff were transferred to the new school.  William Purcell was appointed Principal and Nicky Corish, another member of Marino was appointed Deputy of Killester College. Miss Maureen McGovern, a member of the Marino staff, was appointed Principal of the girls’ Vocational School. Mr Des Hutchinson becomes CEO of Bray VEC.


1966    The Government decided to extend free education to all of the post-primary schools, and this development enabled the vocational schools to include the Intermediate Certificate course.  Career Guidance for students was also implemented.


            To cope with the increasing number of students seeking admission to Marino Vocational School, the gymnasium was converted into two classrooms, to provide accommodation for a further 30 students.  The curriculum was changed.  The Group Certificate course, which included Shorthand and Typewriting, was withdrawn.


The subjects on the new three year programme were as follows:









            Home Economics


            Choral Singing

            Physical Education




*New subjects in the programme.  The courses for this age group are known as “Junior Cycle”.


1969    To cater for the students who had completed the Junior Cycle programme, a senior cycle school for girls was opened at Whitehall House, Upper Drumcondra.  Miss McGovern was requested to transfer as Principal to that school.  Miss Mary Tully replaced Miss McGrovern.  The demand for admission to Marino continued to grow and a pre-fabricated classroom was erected in the yard to cater for 30 additional students. Miss Thunder is appointed Vice Principal of Marino College.


A third floor extension was planned which would provide facilities for science, library and two general classrooms.


During these years, the average enrolment in the day school was 300.


1973    Hugh Healy Marino staff member is appointed Acting CEO of CDVEC.


1973    Patrick Crowley, Marino staff member is appointed Acting Principal of the College of Commerce, Rathmines.


1974    In October, Miss Tully had to take leave for health reasons and Miss Pat Thunder, Vice Principal was requested to deputise for her. Mr Michael Ryan is appointed her Vice-Principal.


1975    In October, Miss Tully retired for health reasons.

            Elocution classes were introduced in the curriculum during the session.


1976    Miss Thunder was appointed Principal in February.  Swimming facilities were arranged permanently for Wednesdays from 1 – 2 p.m. at the Central Remedial Clinic, Clontarf.


            The Department of Education announced sanction for the extension recently and the school was informed that construction would commence at Easter.  On completion, the day school will have accommodation for 360 students.


            Provisional plans being discussed at present for introduction next session include:-


1.      The restoration of the gymnasium

2.      A choice of examination courses, i.e. Intermediate or Group Certificate General course

3.      A special weekly series of six talks / discussions for the parents and guardians of the day students.  These talks will be held on different evenings from 8.00 – 9.30 p.m.  They will be sponsored by the Students’ Union.

4.      W whole time teacher has applied for admission to an in service remedial course, due to commence in September.

Day Staff:


The day school staff for the current session is as follows:-


            Principal                      Miss Pat Thunder

            Vice-Principal              Position Vacant

            Careers Guidance       Miss Bernadette O’Malley

            12 whole time staff

            13 part time staff, including the Chaplain

            There is no Remedial Teacher in the School.


            Intermediate Course                                     Remedial

            3 x Third Year                                     1 x First Year

            4 x Second Year                                  1 x Second Year



1976    Mr. Michael Ryan, Dip: P. Ed. Was appointed Vice Principal. 

Volleyball and Camogie were introduced into the programme.  Miss Dorothy Russell was accepted for an in service Remedial course organised by the Department of Education. 


Regina O’Brien, Class 3C, was declared overall winner for a poster competition sponsored by Dublin Corporation and entitled “Keep Ireland Beautiful”:  The prozes were a Silver Trophy and a bicycle.


            The third floor extension commenced on December 13th.


1977    Child Development was introduced into the Remedial Programme and classes are held on Wednesday afternoons.  This group finishes at 12.30 on Fridays.


            Typewriting and Book-keeping short courses introduced for adults.


            First school swimming gala organised at the Central Remedial Clinic.  Winners  of Junior Finals in the CSU Volleyball Competition.


            Miss Ann Sanfey granted a two week leave of absence to study for an M.A. in Italian.


            The annual educational tour of Dublin City was awarded to 1E and 2B.


            Mrs. Una Hatch resigned her whole time post of teacher of mathematics.


Note – The Students’ Union: (information on Students Union in the 1970s)


Through the Students’ Union, cultural activities i.e. choir competitions, debates and quiz programmes, games and the annual Vocational Schools Sports are organised.


Recently, the students at Marino played a prominent role in the inter-schools debates and quiz contests.  In fact, the debating team won two of the three events.


An educational tour of Dublin City was arranged each term for the classes with the best record for punctuality and regular attendance at school; interest and progress in classwork; home study; good manners and grooming.




City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee

Marino Vocational School

(Information from the College brochure)


Adult Education:


Courses for adults and school leavers have been organised since the school opened in 1936.  A prospectus is available each year.  Intending students should forward a staped addressed envelope if they wish to familiarise themselves with the programme before enrolment.


The courses are divided into two sections for the session 1976 / 1977.


Short courses – enrolments commence Monday 20th September 1976:


Parents and the Family:          Parents and the Pre-School Child.

                                                Parents and the Teenage Family.

                                                Parents and the New Maths.


Languages:                              Creative Writing

                                                Italian for Tourists.

                                                Spanish for Tourists.


Art:                                          Oil and Water Colour Painting

                                                Outdoor Sketching.


Home Economics:                   Crochet for Beginners

                                                Creative Crochet


                                                Flower Arrangements

                                                Home Furnishings

                                                Managing our Home

                                                Interior Design and Decoration

                                                Home Confectionery

                                                Family Meals for the Career Woman

                                                Cheaper Menus for the Family.


Sessional Courses – enrolments commence Tuesday 21st September 1976:


                                                Leaving Certificate Programme 1977 (Pass Standard)

                                                Leaving Certificate Programme 1978 (Pass Standard)


                                                Continuation Course in Basic English

                                                French for Beginners

                                                French for Second Year


                                                Public Speaking and Communication.


                                                Typewriting for Beginners

                                                Typewriting Second year


                                                Pitman Shorthand for Beginners

                                                Pitman Shorthand Second Year


The enrolment for this session 1975 / 1976 was 1,247.



City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee

Marino Vocational School

(exact extract from 1971 brochure)


Summer School:


In 1971 a Summer School of Fashion was offered to post-primary students who were on holidays during the Intermediate and Leaving Certificate Examination period.


The ten-day course consisted of two hour classes in the morning, from 10-12 noon or in the afternoon from 2 – 4p.m.


Parents and friends were invited on the closing day to view the results.  The enrolments and attendances suggested that it has been very successful.


Next month, we are extending the programme and it will be advertised in the evening papers on June 4th as follows:


Summer School 1976: (information from the 1976 brochure)


Three 10-day courses for Post-Primary students each from June 9th to June 23rd 1976.


Mornings         10.00 a.m. – 12 noon   or

Afternoons      02.00 p.m. -  4 pm


1.      The Young Homemaker

2.      Painting for Pleasure

3.      Dressmaking for the Holidays.


Enrolments Tuesday June 8th from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fee £3 per course.


Further information available from the Principal tel (01) 8332100

Buses:  20, 27, 32, 42, 44A and 54


The programme is on display in the school hall at present and it is encouraging to hear that some of our day students have paid their fees in advance.


1983    Josephine O’Donnell is appointed Principal


2000    Josephine O’Donnell is appointed CEO of Longford VEC


2000    John Hogan is appointed Principal.


            Boyzone star Stephen Gately attended Marino College.


            Ms McAteer is appointed to Deputy Principal in Marino College.


The old North Strand Technical College is transferred to Marino College to house the adult learners. The education provision is expanded to BTEI and SKILLVEC. The number of adults attending courses in the building reaches 600.


2004    James Martin is appointed Principal.


The College invests in purchasing an individual laptop for all students. The initiative is well received by all staff and students. Sli Eile is launched as a National Behaviour Support Service pilot project. It supports children through a variety of interventions and aids them to make better choices and perform better in school.


Sean Arkins (aka Neddy) of the Original Rude Boys attends Marino College.


2007    All students beginning with first years are purchased laptops. Marino is one of the very first Colleges in Ireland to emphasise the importance of IT in the classroom. The initiative gives the students of Marino a competitive edge when seeking employment and accessing further education.


2007    Roisin Lonergan sets up the Five Lamps Arts Festival. It involves local artists, schools, youth services and members of the community in an annual Arts festival.


2009    A college library staffed by a full time librarian, Kate O’Flaherty, is granted to the school under the JCSP programme.


2011    William Deery is appointed Deputy Principal of Coláiste Eoin in Finglas.


2011    Music is introduced into Marino College, led by Amy McDonnell. Guitar club, choir and Samba drum club enhance the music provision. The College entered into a partnership with Ceoltoirí Clúaintarbh providing scholarships in traditional music to students.


2012    Blake Hodkinson is appointed Principal.


2012    Helen Foley is appointed Deputy Principal of Coláiste Dhulaigh of Further Education


2012    William Deery is appointed Deputy Principal of Coláiste Eoin.


2012    First years all receive iPads as the school laptop initiative comes to an end. O2 install a state of art Wi-Fi system for free to help support the initiative. The department of Education introduces 100mb broadband across the country which enhances the use of tablets.


2012    Jonathan Rosca is highly commended in the Young Scientist competition on Ray Tracing (Jonathan created an algorithm that accelerates Graphic Cards universally). 2013 Jonathan received a scholarship to Trinity College to study Computer Programming.


2014    Gytis Daujotas, a first year student, comes eight overall out of 2,500 students in a National Programming competition.


2015    Marino College is third in National Digital Media Schools Awards. Their project in oral literacy which utilised iPads; students delivering CPD to staff and interventions to improve oral literacy had a significant impact in the College.


2015    Whitehall move to a new premises and vacates the Connolly House leaving the building entirely for Marino College students.


2015    Gytis Daujotoas and Kevin Andrei, two second year students, are asked by Trinity College to present their programming project to eight schools in Google. Their project involved programming Raspberry Pi to play a piano.


2015    Marino College formally enters the Trinity College Access Programme.